Mexico Tour Guide

Mexico Travels - How To Enjoy Your Mexican Travels to The Fullest

Mexico has a tourist system that is suitable for everyone, regardless of their budget and purpose. Whether you plan to go there for the beach or their gourmet cuisine or extravagant spas, this is a place you'll leave wanting to go back to. Of course, just like any other trip you might make, you'd like to prepare enough for a cost-effective and hassle-free holiday.


Your Travel Documents


To travel to Mexico or return to the U.S. from Mexico, you need a valid passport or any other travel document, such as a trusted traveler card or an enhanced driver's license, as long as it's approved by the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. If you're leaving without a passport, take note that American and Mexican immigration may have different sets of acceptable alternate travel documents.  For more facts and info regarding Mexico, you can go to


Type of Travel


Choose a type of travel that suits you and everyone coming with you. Of course, beach vacations are still a very popular option. You can expect upscale amenities from famous all-inclusive resorts in destinations like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, Huatulco and the rest. If you'll be there for the beach itself, go to Zihuatanejo; for surfing, Puerto Escondido is a winner. Know the different Things to do in Riviera Maya.


If you're traveling with kids, it would be great to take them to Oaxaca to see the Zapotec ruins or to Chiapas for the Mayan archaeological ruins. If you love exploring cuisines from different parts of the world, go to San Miguel, which also crawls with stunning art galleries. In Mexico City and Morelia, you will be awed by landmark architecture and such huge markets. In the Yucatan Peninsula, you can challenge your travel buddies for a swim in underground rivers or the cenotes (natural sinkholes). Of course, to behold the canyons, head over to the Copper Canyon Railroad.



Deciding on a Time Frame


Winter holidays, the summer months and spring break are Mexican tourism peak seasons. There will be a lot of visitors during these times of the year, but that also means more fun events, more tour options and longer shopping hours. Then again, expect prices to spike, especially in popular tourist spots. If you just want Mexico's beaches, you can have all the smaller ones to yourself if you come early March or early October, or anytime within the whole month of June or September


Managing Your Bookings


Mexico is known for its reasonable yet exceptional tourist infrastructure. Simply put, that means planning a Mexican trip will be quite simple. In fact, you can do it only upon arrival.  You may book a hotel for your airfare and first few nights, but leave your other bookings, such as tours or additional accommodation open. You can use the services of a travel agent, or for more attractive savings, book online.


Learning the Language


While not required, knowing a few basic Spanish words and phrases before you go to Mexico is surely helpful. It will be easier to make new friends and learn about the Mexican culture, and it will even help you get better prices. A small phrasebook can make a huge difference. Check out Mexico Tours for more info.